Arnel Sancianco Designs

Arnel Sancianco Designs

Art in the blood is liable to take the strangest of forms

The Displaced

Haven THeatre

Directed by Jo Cattel

Costumes By Christine Pascual

Lighting By Erik Barry

The meticulousness of Arnel Sanciacno’s apartment set leaves us in no doubt that this is a real home loved and lost at the bank’s behest. These spooky events in this real apartment repeatedly invoke themselves at points of intensity in the relationship – apexes of fights or intimacy, suddenly changing the focus of the characters. While there’s an impressive gymnastic mastery performed here by director, actors and technical team in navigating these vacillations, after the second time this alienating device starts to wear thin. By the fourth and fifth time, it’s not just expected, it becomes a gimmick, revealing the struggle the play has in knitting together the two stories and their genres, and in turn the opportunity to really drive home the questions it’s striving to pose – at least in the first half of the play.
— Bec Willett, Perform Ink